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Carefuly made special cheese

  • Delicious CamembertDelicious CamembertContent : 250g

    This cheese was born after we visited the Normandy region of France many times to learn the true taste and obtain know-how in our pursuit for a rich taste suited to Japanese people.
    The resulting creamy, mild cheese is delicious eaten as is, and is also great melted by heat and sandwiched between crackers or drizzled with honey.

  • Miso-marinated CamembertMiso-marinated CamembertContent : 130g

    This exquisite product is made by marinating Camembert cheese in handmade miso produced by exclusively using high-quality soybeans of Nakataen in Obihiro City.

  • Brie de TokachiBrie de TokachiContent : 120g

    Handy-size mildew-type cheese that has been matured for a long period of time.
    It has a smooth texture and a rich flavor.


The magnificent Tokachi Plain and the Satsunai River, which originates in the Hidaka Mountains and is known as Japan's clearest river, provide the pristine natural surroundings that allow the cows producing the milk used in our artisanal cheeses to grow up healthy in a stress-free environment.
Our cheese with its profound taste yet mellow-flavor is made in an impeccable environment, created by burying activated carbon under the floor of the factory.
Please try this special cheese.

  • Cream cheeseCream cheeseContent : 150g

    Put a large dollop of cream cheese on crackers and enjoy.

  • Tokachino ButterTokachino ButterContent : 110g / 200g

    This butter is carefully made using quality milk.
    The color that is the same as that of the milk is evidence of the high quality.

  • Tokachi ArrigoTokachi ArrigoContent : 70g

    Aligot is mashedpotato with cheese, traditionaly made in Auvergne region,France.
    Here we use our factory made cheese and potatoes produced in Nakasatsunai.

Everyone loves our handmade cheese.

Various flavors, from fresh to rich, matured tastes are available.

  • Nakasatsunai CamembertNakasatsunai CamembertContent : 120g

    This cheese is characterized by a delicate sweetness and a fine flavor. The handy-size product is particularly suited to people who try Camembert for the first time.

  • Beans CamembertBeans CamembertContent : 250g

    A new type of Camembert cheese with Osode no Mai soybeans from Nakasatsunai Village.
    The moist smooth cheese and the flaky texture of the soy beans perfectly combine to delight your taste buds. This is a unique specialty product of Tokachi, which is famous for bean production.

  • Tokachino Washed-Rind CheeseTokachino Washed-Rind CheeseContent : 120g

    This cheese is made by washing the rind with Tokachino white wine during ripening.
    It is characterized by a fruity flavor and the package design symbolizes the Tokachi Plain.

  • Heart-shaped FromageHeart-shaped FromageContent : 150g

    This is mildew-type cheese featuring a pretty heart shape.
    Enjoy the smooth texture.

  • Brie CheeseBrie CheeseContent : 120g

    This mildew-type cheese goes exceedingly well with wine.
    The whole uncut cheese (approx. 1 kg) is also popular for parties.

  • Bourbon Whiskey Washed-Rind CheeseBourbon Whiskey Washed-Rind CheeseContent : 120g

    This cheese is made by washing the rind with bourbon whiskey during ripening.
    It has a rich taste that delights your taste buds.

  • Fresh Grass CamembertFresh Grass CamembertContent : 120g

    This seasonal cheese is made exclusively with milk from cows that consume fresh grass from May to October.
    The thick yellow color on the inside of the cheese is evidence that the cows were fed nourishing grass.

  • Peperon CheesePeperon CheeseContent : 120g

    The spicy taste of red pepper blends well with the mild taste of Camembert.
    This cheese is quite addictive.

  • Tokachi BambaTokachi BambaContent : ※g

    The package features bamba (draft horse) racing in Obihiro, the only venue for this sport in Japan. The content is delicious Camembert cheese.

  • Nakasatsunai Camembert(small)Nakasatsunai Camembert(small)Content : 60g

    This is a handy-size helping of Camembert, which goes well with fruity red wine, and also pairs well with jam and honey.

  • Brie Cheese(small)Brie Cheese(small)Content : 60g

    This is a handy-size helping of Brie, which has a richer taste than Camembert and goes well with sweet white wine.
    It is also delicious baked with potato in the oven.

Try our ice cream!

  • The love letter from Hokkaido(Cream cheese)The love letter from Hokkaido(Cream cheese)Content : 120ml

    Made with the finest Tokachino Fromages Cream Cheese, this ice cream combines a soft, velvety feel with arich creamy flavor.

  • The love letter from Hokkaido(Camembert)The love letter from Hokkaido(Camembert)Content : 120ml

    Made using lavish amounts of the finest Tokachino Fromages Cmembert Cheese, this ice cream boasts a luxuriant creamy taste.

Only fresh milk from cows of designated farms in Nakasatsunai Village is used.
The natural flavor of the milk will delight your taste buds.
Find your favorite.

  1. Cone(Single/double) Only available in stores
  2. Cup(80 ml/cup) Available in stores, and can also be shipped locally too.


Tokachino Fromages Co., Ltd. Nishi 2 Minami 7-2, Nakasatsunai-mura, Kasai-gun, Hokkaido, 089-1332
TEL. +81-155-63-5070 / FAX. +81-155-63-5071
・ Hours : 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
・ Closed : Wed, Mid-July to September Seven days a week
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・ Resort and Villa Feriendorf: Minami-tokiwa Higashi 4-sen, Nakasatsunai-mura / TEL. +81-155-68-3301
・ Nakasatsunai Art Village: Sakae 5-sen, Nakasatsunai-mura / TEL +81-155-68-3003
・ Rokka no Mori (Forest of Rokka): Tokiwa Nishi 3-sen 249-6, Nakasatsunai-mura / TEL. +81-120-012-666
・ Farm Restaurant Nojimasanchi: Shinsei Higashi 1-sen 199-4, Nakasatsunai-mura / TEL. +81-155-67-2880
・ Okamoto Farm: Kowa Higashi 5-sen 199-2, Nakasatsunai-mura / TEL. +81-155-68-3202

By car
・ From Tokachi Obihiro Airport - Approx. 15 min.
・ From JR Obihiro Station - Approx. 30 min.
・ From Nakasatsunai IC - Approx. 5 min.

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Order easily via telephone or the Internet.Our delicious cheese is delivered to customers all over Japan.

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TEL. +81-155-63-5070 / FAX. +81-155-63-5071


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The amount to be paid is the total of the price, shipping charge and consumption tax for the ordered products. After the products are shipped, the invoice and a payment slip for your order is sent. Please pay at the nearest post office within seven days after receipt of the invoice and payment slip.

Stores where our cheese is available

Order easily via telephone or the Internet.
Our delicious cheese is delivered to customers all over Japan.

  • Obihiro CityHokkaido product section, Fujimaru Department Store B1; Everything North shop, Hokkaido Hotel; Ito-Yokado Obihiro Branch Store; Aeon Obihiro Branch Store; JALUX, Tokachi Obihiro Airport; Natural Coco, JR Obihiro Station ESTA West Building; Rancho Elpaso; Nagasakiya Obihiro Branch Store
  • Sapporo and the surrounding areaKita Hoppe, Daimaru Department Store B1; Ito-Yokado Susukino Branch Store B2; Kita Kitchen - Hokkaido product select shop, Marui Imai Sapporo Main Store B2 (Sapporo Chikagai Aurora Town); Cheese Please Hokkaido, Sapporo Chikagai Pole Town; Dosanko Plaza, JR Sapporo Station; Rakuno Gakusha, New Chitose Airport; other major supermarkets
  • KushiroAeon Kushiro Branch Store
  • TokyoDosanko Plaza, Kotsu Kaikan, Yuraku-cho; Hokkaido Foodist, Yaesu exit of Tokyo Station
  • OsakaNakaji/Mercaro Piccolo, Tennoji Station Plaza BF